About Apt Pest & Building Inspection

Apt Pest and Building Inspections is a team of professional people for quality property inspection. We provide timber pests inspection and report as 4349.3 and pre-purchase residential property inspection and report as 4349.1,  building compliance report, and residential building energy efficiency rating report. Significantly, fully trained, experienced, friendly, and environmentally conscious technicians will carry out these inspections.

In other words, our customers will get reliable and comprehensive services. All things considered, Apt Pests and Building Inspections always focus on quality products, updated technology, and knowledge for environmental and human safety.

Firstly, the inspector will inspect the property at the booked time. Then, the inspector would prepare a detailed property inspection report within 24 hours. This comprehensive report will show any major building problems such as rising dampness, movement in the walls, safety hazards, and faulty roofs. Basically, a sales contract will be made after the building and pest inspections are done.

A compliance report is a part of the property inspection package. In general, the inspector carried out a visual inspection of the accessible area throughout the property and building file documents at the date of inspection. The property is always compared with the approved plans and documents.

Besides other pest & building inspections, an energy efficiency report measures a home’s energy efficiency to generate a star rating. Basically, the higher the star rating, the less energy is needed to heat and cool the home to keep it comfortable. Whereas, this star rating measures the home’s thermal performance, based on its structure, design, and materials.

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Pest Inspection Queanbeyan NSW

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Apt Pest and Building Inspection

Save our customers from unexpected renovation/maintenance cost by providing a comprehensive pest and building inspection report in advance.

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Pest Inspection Queanbeyan NSW