1. Why do I need a pest and building inspection report?

Benefits of getting a pest and building inspection report done before buying a property are as follows:

  • to know the problems in advance is the most important benefit of the report
  • using the information to negotiate a lower price for the property i.e. you may have to pay to repair some of the problems
  • gaining specialist advice about any major problems and how they will affect the property over time is third benefit of the report.

2. What is a pre-purchase residential property inspection report AS 4349.1?

Inspector will provide a detail building inspection report in pre-purchase inspection report. This report helps you to make a sound financial decision, plan for renovations and budget for repairs.

3. Is inspection process same for strata schemes and company title properties?

With strata scheme and company title properties, the building inspector will only inspect and assess the condition of the interior and immediate exterior of the unit. If you want the consultant to inspect other common property areas, you will need to request a ‘special–purpose’ property report.

4. What are minor defects on building inspection report?

Basically, minor defects can be common at every property. Common defects are blemishes, corrosion, cracking, weathering, general, deterioration, and so on. If you want the consultant to report on minor defects and imperfections, you will need to ask for a ‘special–purpose’ property report.

A minor defect doesn’t always need to be remedied right away. However, it is essential to identify on inspection for maintenance work.

5. What are major defects on building inspection report?

Defects of sufficient magnitude where rectification has to be carried out to avoid unsafe conditions, loss of utility or further deterioration of the property are considered as major defects. That defect must be likely to cause an inability to use the building for its intended purpose without rectify the issue.


6. Can you use the report for other purposes?

This inspection report is not for any other certificate of compliance of the property other than a pre-purchase pest and building report.

7. What is a pre-purchase timber pest inspection report AS 4349.3?

Visual damage caused by termites and or any other timber pests will assess during pest inspection time. In particular, timber pests inspection assesses the following:

  • Past/current evidence of timber pests
  • Degree of damage caused by termite/timber pests
  • Recommendation on treatment or further inspections

The inspection did not cover any other pests and this report does not comment on them rather then timber pests.

8. Why do I need a timber pest inspection report?

Benefits of a timber pest inspection report done before buying a property are:

  • knowing in advance if there is problem/damage because of timber pests
  • using the information to negotiate a lower price for the
  • gaining specialist advice on major problems as well as how they will affect the property over time

9. What are the CONDITIONS that can limit the inspection and report?

An inspection report may be conditional upon the following :

(a) Prevailing weather conditions or recent occupancy and use of services that might affect observations.

(b) Information provided by the client or agents of the client.

(c) Deliberate concealment of defects.

(d) Any other relevant factor limiting the inspection.