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Building Inspection

Water Leakage Damaged Wall

A recent photo from a building inspection. Structural damage due to water leakage from a damaged roof. Water is shipping all the way to the living area’s wall in this single-story house. Mouldy, cracked walls and sagging ceiling.

building inspection

Cracked Walls

A recent photo from a building inspection. Walls were recently painted; however, these horizontal & vertical cracks show significant cracks in walls. The ceiling had water spots, definitely, this happened because of water leakage from the roof and collecting on the roof cavity as well as shipping down through the bedroom wall.

termite attack

Termites Attack Timber Fences

A recent photo from a pest inspection job. Timber fences were in the stage of collapse because of termites’ attacks. The house inspected was with subfloor on foundation, found rainwater collected on that subfloor area, high risk of termite attack on this building.

Sub Floor Inspection

Sub Floor Inspection

Photo shows water collection on the subfloor of the inspected house, leading to the high risk of timber pests’ inspection.

Ceiling Scratch

Sagged Ceiling

In a photo from the building inspection, look at the gap between the ceiling and wardrove door on both sides. The scratch sign on the ceiling and the reduced gap between the door edge and ceiling show that the ceiling in the middle was sagging. High chances of water damage/water leakage from the roof and collecting on the roof cavity caused this damage.

water leakage damage

Rotten Timbers

A photo from building inspection. Part of the garage was heavily damaged because of water leakage, timbers were rotten. There can lead to timber pests infections as well.

water damage roof

Water Damaged Ceiling

Photo from building inspection, this suspicious ceiling found water damage on roof cavity during the inspection.  A long-time of water collecting in the roof cavity caused mound signs on the bedroom ceiling.

Dampness Subfloor Area

Dampness in the Subfloor Area

In a photo from the building inspection, the plumbing pipe in the subfloor area connected to the kitchen sink was found broken, causing dampness in the subfloor area, which can lead to timber pests because of the high level of moisture in this area.

Decayed Insulation

Decayed Insulation in Roof Cavity

Photo from building inspection, aging/decayed insulation in the roof cavity.