Pest and Building Inspection Methods and Tools

We use the best available inspection-methods-and-tools to get accurate data and best pre-purchase property inspection reports.

1. Visual Inspection

A visual inspection is a common and easy inspection method. This kind of inspection does not necessarily require any special equipment though it does require special training so that the inspector knows what to look for as they visually review the asset.

2. inspection using Inspection tools

Basically, different types of inspection equipment/tool help to identify any hidden issues/problems/defects. Inspection equipment makes the inspection more efficient and thorough.

3. Arial/Drone Inspection

Aerial Drone, a modern inspection-methods-and-tools allows data acquisition from hard-to-reach areas quickly. Additionally it helps to decreases various risks and costs, and reduces the workforce required on-field. Therefore, Arial/drone inspections became a popular inspection-methods-and-tools in property inspection.

Inspection Methods and Tools

Moisture Meter

Moisture Meter

Above all, building moisture inspection tool measure moisture without causing any damage. – Non-destructive moisture measurements – Wood/timber, drywall/roofing & plaster/brick.

Termatrac T3i

Termatrac T3i

The T3i All Sensor is the most accurate and non-invasive detector available. The unique 3-in-1 design incorporates Termatrac’s patented radar technology, relative and direct moisture sensor as well as a thermal sensor for extra confidence. As a result, this is the most safer option for inspection and monitoring. However, a trained inspector should assigned to capture necessary data to meet inspection compliance.



The most important tool an inspector has is a bright flashlight (900+ lumens). The direct light created by a flashlight can help you see hidden leaks, repairs, cracks and stains.



Cameras is an another tool most commonly used for visual inspections. In visual inspections, inspectors use cameras to collect visual data showing the condition of an property in their report.



What are drone inspections? These days, drone inspections are being performed in almost every industry that requires visual inspections as part of its maintenance procedures. Drone inspection-methods-and-tools is a new trend to collect visual data on the condition of an asset. Important to realize that drone inspections help inspectors avoid having to place themselves in dangerous situations.