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Timber Pests Inspection & Report

Basically, a sales contract will be made after the building and pest inspection services are done. Experienced and skilled professionals will have carried out pest inspections to identify signs/damage of timber pests such as termites, timber fungal decay, or borers inside and around the property. Timber pests can have detrimental impacts on your property, most of which are usually financial damages. An annual inspection is required to make sure that your property is not at risk from timber pests’ activities.

A pre-purchase timber pest inspection is very important if you want to determine the timber conditions of your property. It will typically look out for the conditions of the timbers and possible timber pest activity.

This is a report on the discovery or non-discovery of termites, borers of seasoned timber, and wood decay fungi present at the property on the date of the inspection. The inspection did not cover any other pests and this report does not comment on them.

Termites on Timber
Termites on Timber

Following options and techniques are available for timber pests treatment:


Energy Efficiency Report

In summary, an energy efficiency report measures a home’s energy efficiency to generate a star rating. Assessors currently use the house plans and building specifications of a home to input data into a software tool. The tools then generate a star rating out of 10 and a Certificate. This star rating measures the home’s thermal performance, based on its structure, design, and materials.

  • A 0-star rating means the building shell does practically nothing to reduce the discomfort of hot or cold weather.
  • A 6-star rating is the minimum standard in most states and territories. It indicates good, but not outstanding, thermal performance.
  • A 10-star rated home may not need any artificial cooling or heating to keep you comfortable.

A 9 Star home will use approximately 80 percent less energy to heat and cool than a 6 Star house.

Compliance Report

A compliance report is a part of the property inspection package. In general, the inspector carried out a visual inspection of the accessible area throughout the property and building file documents at the date of inspection. The property is always compared with the approved plans and documents. This compliance report is not for a certificate of compliance of the property other than a pre-purchase/sales compliance report.

Building Inspection & Report

The building inspection report is a written account of the property’s condition. It will include any significant building defects or problems such as rising dampness, movement in the walls (cracking), safety hazards, or a faulty roof. Normally building-and-pest-inspection reports done before you exchange sale contracts. So you can identify problems that, if left unchecked, would be costly to repair. Building will compare to other of similar age and construction to write the summary of the inspection as a package of building-and-pest-inspection.