Why should you organize pests and building inspections?

Ceiling Height Inspection

“A true story from my job”

One of our clients contacted me to get details about pest and building inspection services for the property he was considering buying. He explained that the house had recently been renovated, painted and looked brand new. During his conversation, there's a lot of excitement, and he wanted to fix everything as soon as possible so that he wouldn't lose the house. During inspection day, I discovered that the ceiling of the master bedroom was sagging here and there. I took samples of the ceiling height to determine the sagging situation and found that it varied by up to 100 millimeters. On the roof, I discovered a couple of tiles were broken and the north corner gutter was missing, resulting in water leakage into the ceiling. In order to fix the water leakage issue and replace the sagging ceiling, an urgent arrangement was necessary. Furthermore, I discovered another worst-case scenario once I entered the subfloor for inspection: many of the concrete and brick piers had been replaced with untreated timber that was highly susceptible to many of the concrete and brick piers were replaced with untreated timber pieces were at high risk of termite attack.

Timber Piers

Untreated Timber Piers without Antcaps

The piers were broken or damaged, and many bearers were supported improperly and supported with unapproved materials. As a result of decaying timber, some bearers were nearly gone. The whole house was found at risk of collapse because of issues with the subfloor structure. I draft my report in 24 hours and sent it to Alex.

Damaged Piers in the Subfloor

Damaged Piers in the Subfloor

The summary of the report shows that “the house has several major defects, need urgent attention to fix the major findings mentioned in major findings sections of the report.”

Improper Bearers

Improper/damaged support for Bearers

Decayed Bearers

Decayed Bearers

Guess Alex’s response regarding the reports? Calculate, how much he saved by organizing the inspections.